• Survival

  • Shot for Viewpoint Magazine, this series is about the solutions and innovations that are moving us forwards while coping with the major changes thrown up by this decade and the next. Recession, climate chaos, the death of traditional advertising and news media, ubiquitous web, the challenges of creating in a world where 3-D printers turn everyone into designers. All of these issues and more are provoking groundbreaking solutions, meanwhile ushering us into uncharted new territory.
    Here, we take on a positive look at a new era of change in order to survive the future. We explore a new era of Dreamtelligence - a new, vital and visionary way ahead that embraces science, technology, play, fantasy and ‘wild-skies thinking’ to create products that are as fantastic as they are revolutionary and unexpected: Blueprint bars, robot retailing, new manufacturing techniques like 3D printing or just the plain, good old survival of mankind which meets population growth with vertical and indoor farming.
  • Vertical Farming
  • Robot Retail
  • Indoor Farming
  • DIY Biology
  • Augmented Reality
  • Delivery
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