• Surevest
  • Founded in 2002 by Robert Luna, Surevest is a wealth management firm based in Phoenix, Arizona who focus is on financial planning and portfolio management. Surevest’s recent expansion into new locations across the country, called for a rebrand. After studying the landscape of Arizona and the Southwest, we drew inspiration from the wildlife and rich color tonality of the regions mountains and expansive desert. During our research, a small native bird really stood out. The Gambel’s Quail stands for protectiveness and group harmony, and is as much a symbolic resident of the American Southwest as the squirrel or chickadee is in the Northeast. A crown of feathers featured on top of its head evokes a regal and trustworthy sensibility. The typography is inspired by visual cues found in currency and bank notes. The color palette uses a rich dark brown and rust red-orange pulled from the desert sand and mountainous plateaus. The print and stationery system is engraved on uncoated, off-white paper. The engravings raised surface creates a premium, tactile quality. Surevest’s new identity has stimulated their growth and supports their mission to help their clients plan, invest, and protect for their future. We created a responsive website that draws directly from the new identity and was customized from top to bottom. Check out the Surevest website here.
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