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An interactive masthead for New Sure Men deodorants from Unilever.
Sure for Men
One of Unilever's  large range of personal care brand.
For over 40 years, Sure has been delivering long lasting protection against sweat and odour thanks to 25 years of research by Sure scientists. Sure for Men in India needed to emphasize the long lasting odor and sweat protection even in 58°C. Two interactive mastheads were conceptualized for YouTube homepage.
The above masthead showcases the product range in an interactive carousel. 
The above masthead emphasizes the power of Sure Men Deo at extreme temperatures with an interactive heat meter.
At every degree, the heat meter prompts some thing that turns the heat on and makes a man sweat. In the above image, it points out a job interview followed by a related rhyming line in Hindi, roughly translated - Accept the job offer, reject the sweat! Other such things are - Spicy chicken Tikka, Crowded Bus, Workout and an Bollywood item song (Hot girl dancing). At the point of 58°C - the hottest desert, the Masthead expands to reveal the TV Commercial and collapses with a message to join their Facebook page.