• Superconnection is a web version of trend report, explores the world of Superconnection, where images connect us with the world in extraordinary ways, picturing new relationships, shared journeys and the vivid emotions that comes from us linking with others across time and place.

    A smile becomes a friendship, a love affair, a story told to grandchildren. In an age where we are evermore connected, we seek the unexpected, the chance, the idea of a deeper connection. The Butterfly Effect, an image created by M.I.T. Professor Edward Lorenz trying to explain the unexpected connections of chaos theory – “Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?” How do small acts change the world? How do we connect with each other in rational, magical and unforeseen ways?

    For giving some more connection between the theme and visual design, I created 'Superconnection' font specially to accompany this report. The driving design idea behind this font is the ‘Line’. When thinking of ‘connection’, the image of a very old family tree map popped into my head, with endless lines, basic graphic lines, that connect all history with the present moment. There’s an old Korean saying ‘The relationship of a couple or family is already connected by an invisible thread’. It’s meant to be. The font reflects the idea that all the happenings of past, present and future are connected by this invisible threads.

    This ‘Superconnection’ font uses visible lines to represent invisible threads connecting all the letters.

  • Superconnection Typeface

  • Cover and highlight spreads

  • PDF version of full spreads

  • Copy Writer: John O'Reilly
    Client: Image Source Ltd.