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Various graphic design and art direction for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.
Sundance Film Festival 2013
A small sample of various projects.
Limited edition poster: I designed this poster in part with Pentagram of New York. I chose local photography from the aspen forest at the Sundance Resort in Utah. After the posters were printed I had them screened with a textured UV coating that was applied to certain areas of the print to give it a subtle appearance of depth and a slight variation of texture.
Press check for UV screen coating.
Pins: A few different sets of pins for volunteers and institute members.
Limited edition 1" pins for Sundance Institute Members.
Large 1.75" pins for membership volunteers. 
Art direction on limited edition 1" red pins.
"Day One" Press Junket Backdrop: Used as the primary backdrop for all interviews with Mr. Redford and appeared on various networks including CNN and BBC.
Environmental Graphics: Created various environmental graphics for party venues. The window graphics are reversible to cut the cost of printing on both sides of the window. Lighting was arranged to play off the translucent nature of the substrate. Some arrows are die cut to create depth and an opportunity for daylight to come though them as well as venue party light to show though at night. 
Detail of stairwell window graphic.
Some arrows are die cut so that during the day you can see out and at night the resort lights shine in.
Front of window.
Interior reverse of window.
Press Conference: Backdrop and stage design.