Summer Shield-R

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  • Summer Shield-R was our product for New Mexico State Univeristy's 2013 National Agricutlural Marketing Competition in Kansas City, MO.  We compteted against 29 other college teams from across the country with our marketing plan.  This is the final logo and package I came up with.  I'm not 100% satifisfied with it and I plan on coming back to it in a few months and push to where I think it should be.
    Summer Shield-R is a natural feed supplement for dairy cattle to reduce the effects of heat stress.  It reduces their metabolic temperature, aids digestion, enhances inmune function and fertility which results in higher milk output througout the summer months.
  • First revision of the Summer Shield logo for my senior portfolio. It still needs some work but I'm liking where it's headed.
  • The main full size logo for use on promotion products (i.e. clothing, bags, posters, etc).
  • The smaller logo for smaller items such as pens and stickers.
  • A rendering of the product package.