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A series of random projects completed over the past few months.

While working on my first warrior animal piece I always thought about doing a series of illustrations depicting samurai animals. This is my first of hopefully many more. I thought it would be fun to have a rabbit using its formidable jumping skills in this illustration.
Leap. 2012.  ink, watercolor. 18"x16"     $100 (w/ frame)
Leap. 2012. ink, watercolor. 18"x16" $100 (w/ frame)

A helpful tip about palettes: If you want to erase a mistake/ past work you can just take a belt sander to the surface and start over. 

Oddly enough, this piece was not the first to be created on this palette. Last year I completed a painting that I hated, but loved the material it was on. After sanding the original piece off I started a 2 month process of randomly drawing flowers, leaves, and stems. Finally I stopped working on this pice and this is 
what I came up with.
Overgrowth. 2012. Ink, acrylic, wood palette. 2'x4'  $400
Overgrowth. 2012. Ink, acrylic, wood palette. 2'x4' $400
The Dillo

I completed this piece just as the summer started, by a fatal accident at a gallery proved disastrous. This piece was made from an antique window, however during the hanging of an exhibition, the curator failed to read my post-it (warning, heavy and fragile, please hang from stud!) She didn't and 10 minutes after I left I received a call that my painting had fallen off the wall and glass was everywhere.  I pretty much thought the piece to be thoroughly trashed...

Fast forward to last week: While getting ready for an art festival I collected the remnants of this painting and thought it was time to give it another try. After an extra day and drawing and gluing, The Dillo was back and ready for more.
The Dillo. 2012. Ink, Acrylic, Old window, Veneer. 30" x 18" SOLD
The Dillo. 2012. Ink, Acrylic, Old window, Veneer. 30" x 18" SOLD