Suit Up - Playing Cards and Group Exhibition

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  • Back in the summer of 2007, Sean (Bucket'o'Thought) and I came up with the crazy idea of staging an exhibition… Notjust any exhibition but one made up of a hand selected group of Australianartists all working together to produce a deck of playing cards.

    The entire process took 16 months. The show was at  No Vacancy Gallery on the 13th of Feb (2009) and ran for two weeks. You can buy limited edition prints of the artwork and packs of cards from

  • Considering we both have jobs and very little spare time, producing a deck of playing cards AND planning an exhibition is one of the most ambitious projects Sean and I have ever done.
  • Suit Up is entirely self funded. Working to a budget we had to save money wherever we could - this included hand collating the packs of cards. Artists were bribed with food and beer so that they would come over and help us. One of the days it was 47degrees C - that's 116 degrees F -
    the hottest day in Melbourne EVER!
  • It took us, and a rotating crew of artists, 2 weeks to make 400 packsof cards and 4 hours to sell them.
    (We have made more.)
  • Cans supplied by Razor Paint - Walls by Reka, Phibs, Sync, Meggs, DrewFunk, TwoOne, Claudio and Itch.
    (left to right - Reka, Sync, Meggs)
  • DrewFunk.
  • Itch.
  • Sync.
  • TwoOne.
  • Phibs.
  • We had a 3 day lead-in to opening night, two of these days were spent hanging the artwork and putting up the art tags and signs.
  • No Vacancy Gallery - QV Melbourne, Australia.
  • The hard work paid off and opening night was huge!We had well over 500 people through the doors, served 24 slabs of beer,took 300+ photos and sold plenty of art. Melbourne rocks!
  • Sean and I - Exhausted!
  • This guy is cool. You draw on the camera while he records. With a room full of artists why not?
  • Suit Up Cards - Playable cards and biographies on each artists involved in the project.
  • Jokers by Sean Kelly (Bucket'o'Thought) and Kate McInnes (LoungeKat)
  • Signed and Numbered Giclee prints (editions of 10) and Suit Up playing cards are available from our online store Everything is selling faster than you can say "MOTORHEART RULES!" So get in quick!


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