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Design for sale on my Redbubble shop:
00. The briefing:
These are illustrations that I make for fun and for learning through experimentation. Most of them are referencial jokes, pop cupture mashups. I put them for sale on different platforms. You can buy them right now on:
01.Sugar high:
Sugar High is an illustration that I created to experiment with halftones. It represents two characters of two very popular videogame sagas from Nintendo (Kirby and Jigglypuff). 
aka “Sexy Halftones”, starring Kirby and Jigglypuff. Oh come on, we all know this is happening in Nintendo’s backstage
02. JPPG:
Those were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls!
03. Cowabunga Buddy Squad:
This awesome series of shirts are designed to resemble your personality. Are you the bad boy of the group? Do you love to punch the crap out of your troubles? Then why are you even reading this? Get your shirt now!
Each has its own unique erasure effect – Colect them all and complete your squad!
Here you have Leonardo, the courageus, double-wielding, pizza-devouring green ninja!
Make place for Raphael, the fierce, butt-kicking, pizza-devouring green ninja!
Here comes Donatello, the tech-loving, all-knowing, pizza-devouring green ninja!
Say hi to Michelangelo, the easy-going, sewer-surfing, pizza-devouring green ninja!
04. Ojalá:
Juan Luis Guerra is a visionary! He’s certainly a man who knows what he wants. And we all share his dream. I, too, wish it rains coffee over the fields one day.
05.King of Diamonds:
Are you sick of the damn Ace of Spades? So am I! Here’s a propper poker card for you :D
06.Girl Power:
No more calling Brad for help! Let’s empower these girls so they can hold their own like theyre supposed to!
07.Night of the Adventurers:
YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS, so just gear up, grab your friends and let’s go! There’s so many butts that need kicking and so many faces that need punching!
Thank you!
I really hope you like my work! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is