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What fascinates me about photography is that you can either tell a storyor make the viewer imagine one. Usually, I love to document real stories and tryto show my point of view about what I see in their realities and what I want tocommunicate from them. But in this case, I wanted to do exactly the opposite. Iwanted to invoke stories and feelings out of images that I created myself,unreal and nostalgic. Each photograph is composed with things that representsomething for me at a specific stage of my life.
I want to document through pictureswhat I feel when a very intense and beautiful moment in my life vanishes withthe pass of time and gets replaced by nostalgia and melancholy.
It’simpossible to embrace that moment, sensation or feeling the exact same way youdid the first time. So, they stay in the back of your mind, like beautifulblurry pieces that get together and help you run away from routine andmeaningless daily life activities.
I keep them there to believe that when thetedious moments of everyday life hit again they are worth it, because you mayget beautiful moments again, it’s a way to remind, but more important tohave hope for better moments.