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Montreal Subway station domination for the launch of the 2014 Fiesta.
Everyday is a new Fiesta.
Let’s celebrate the 2014 Fiesta, through the talents of Quebec’s art community, Partnering with these artists
adds another chapter in the Allons Plus Loin platform, demonstrating Ford’s commitment of building the future of Quebec. These artists will be given a Fiesta for 24 hours to gather inspiration from. They will then individually create two pieces of original Fiesta-inspired artwork, which will be refreshed every 72 hours in two of the three Metro stations over the 28-day domination. In doing so, we will create a new perspective of Fiesta every
three days.
Client: Ford of Canada
EVP CCD: Israel Diaz
SVP CD: Trevor Schoenfeld
ACD: Martin Dessureaux
Copywriter: Martin Barry, Deric Moore
Art Direction: Aaron Doyle