Sublime – Hom Yoga & Nagi Noda collaboration

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  • Sublime is a make-believe hatha yoga class by Hom Yoga in celebration of the late Japanese Pop Artist Nagi Noda. It draws inspiration from Nagi Noda’s eccentric and surreal works. Borrowing from Surrealists’ ideas of the subconscious, Hom Yoga uses Sublime to promote hatha yoga as a method of realizing our inner strength.
    logo: Sublime meaning utter greatnesss and beauty translates the supremacy of realising our inner power.
    The tagline of the class “unleash the power of the unconscious” invites people to explore the unknown power. The logo is inspired by the Savasana/Corpse asana (yoga pose) where one lies flat on the ground in total relaxation; an idea that may seem simple but yet very difficult to achieve.

    colour: The brand revolves around the idea of unleashing and is visually represented by a simple slit motif that is symbolic of an opening. Black and white are used to create contrast where the white shines through the black and the black stands out from the white.

    interaction: The idea of unleashing is also weaved into the way people interact with the products. It is translated into the motion of unwrapping. The brochure for the class allows readers to tear open to reveal the recurring slit motif. The packaging for aromatherapy oils to be used during hatha yoga practice also uses the “unleash-unwrap” motion.

    This idea of “unleashing” is also used in concept lifts to promote the class. Lift doors open to reveal a low-lit lift. The only source of light coming from the slit motif on the meditating illustration on the walls. Once inside, information about the class can be seen and people are encouraged to “unleash” the power of their subconscious by visiting the Hom Yoga studio.