Subaru Redesign

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    The brief was simple.  Help Subaru turn around a flat growth curve by rethinking Subaru's digital presence and turning it into a leading user experience that delivers against it's business goals.  These included pursuading non-owners to actively shop for a Subaru and existing owners to re-purchase and advocate for the brand.

    We not only took a look at the entire online car shopping process (from 3rd party research down to make and model selection) but also looked to best practices outside the the automotive sector.  What we saw was a customer journey that included visits to many manufacturer sites, seeking advice from friends and acquaintance and the growing importance of visits to automotive review sites.  Our insight was that an opportunity existed for crafting a car buying experience that could encompass the diversity of the customer journey map within, not only putting the Subaru products in the best light but highlighting unbias third party reviews.

    With a top to bottom redesign of a site of this magnitude, we spared no expenses to get our foundation on solid ground.  UX brief, Feature Function Matrix and wires were just the start.  The complexity of the project demanded we re-think and simplify our usual artifacts.  Instead of long and laborious feature specs, we created a one-page feature function matrix to help guide executive and creatives through the redesign process.


    Since the site relaunch Subaru has seen growth in its car sales year over year.