Study Center and Student Dorms

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  • Study Center and Student Dorms
    Master`s Project, E.T.S.A.M
    Site: Porto, Portugal.
    Year: 2011-2012
  • Project area
  • Floor plan +26,00
    On this level we can appreciate the pieces in contact with the field. We can see the library and the three residential fingers. All of them are accessible from the lower part of the park.
  • Floor plan +32,00
    At this level, we can see how the library and residence are communicated.Both areas are part of the same complex.
  • Floor plan +40,00
    This plan shows the connection hing and it’s program, student area and multifunctional room. This volume is the connection  of all sites and the different programatic areas of the project.
  • Floor plan +43,00
    On this level we can see the two conference rooms and the social dining room. From all of them, you can appreciate the whole landscape with the river an the valley.
  • Longitudinal section of one of the   “finger“ dorms
  • Longitudinal section of the student area and the “finger“ dorms
  • Inside the residential area
  • Library
  • Conference rooms
  • Multifunctional space
  • Students area
  • Exhibition space
  • Construction Details