Artist Workspace Magazine
  • I was challenged to create a magazine of my choice and the thing that has always intrigued me was artists and the spaces they work in. I wanted to show an array of studios in a given city that ranges from advertising, architecture, fashion design, interior design, photography, tattoo etc. Studio Magazine is a publication that focuses on the creative workspaces of a selected monthly location. The idea was to allow the reader to familiarize themselves with the artistic vibe of their chosen city; to provide an insight of new artists as well an opportunity to educate them on the creative atmosphere of that area. I wanted to keep this very sharp and modern and allow this to become something that readers use for inspiration as well as intriguing reading material. The relationship of an artist and his/her workspace is my focus and how their work is affected by the space they work in. From this concept came Studio Magazine; a clean, image-loaded publication that would appeal to artists of all interests.
    This project contains a cover, a four page spread and an advertisement.