• Student Work
    Work for Unit 1 @Chelsea College of Art & Design
  • This is my first portfolio as a MA student. I am very pleased and happy with the final work as I tried to put my thinking and feelings in every project. The handmade box contains all the project from Unit1 @Chelsea College and I hope you will enjoy it.
  • My Research Study Journal consisting in describing the design process in my journey as student. The graphic language expresses the work and experimental approach to the subject of interaction between children and objects in the context of a consumer society.

    Concept, graphic work and bookbinding
  • Nearly Missed the Countdown

    How to visualize the Flow of Time? This is the key question of my friend's final project, Cheng Han Wu. I have created this zine about the flow of time visualized in certain situations. As I wanted to respect the concept of zine, some situations are ridiculed and absurd, however the purpose is to be afunny story about the countdown, giving a sense of time.
  • Handmade box for portfolio presentation.