Structure in Motion. Visual Response to James Blake

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  • Structure in Motion is a visual response to James Blake’s music. All his songs were written while in motion, whether it be on a train, bus or plane. You can feel this motion through his music. Each layer built into his tracks is considered and authentic. We created an exclusive one of a kind experience for his top 100 fans to interact with and become a part of the next LP. We defined his target audience as being creative individuals who appreciate art and are very critical of anything that tries too hard. Our elements are therefore simple and engage with fans on an intimate level.
  • A > The Box
  • The James Blake box will be sent out three weeks before the release of his new album, to the first 100 people who purchased his first EP online.
  • Contained in the box is a flipbook concealing a USB with a link to the microsite that hosts the Structure in Motion experience.

  • B > The Fan Interaction.

    When the USB is plugged in the microsite would open. 
  • a. The exclusive screening of Structure in Motion plays.
  • b. A thank you appears as well as a prompt to take part in the next LP.
  • c. The fan's location is then linked to James Blake in London, creating a network of top fans.
  • d. The fan has co-created James Blake's next LP cover.
  • C > The Final Result > Box & LP Cover.
  • Structure in Motion. Visual Response to James Blake's music by Martin Magner & Roy Neubert.
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