Storyboarding : Presentation board

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  • Ok, this was a presentation board done for a clients portfolio,cant speak for the concept, but I think it’s a good representation of my abilityto do a strong clear board for pitching an idea, in this case to sell an advertisementconcept to sell Maxfactor lipstick. We open on the ruins of a living room after awar time blitz; pan to the right and see a woman walking down a ruined villagestreet.
  • She passes people grieving in the wreckage, anda child with her dog, but she goes on, looking for something….
  • She finds a familiar doorway, her own home? And in it looksfor and finds her hand bag…
  • From the bag she produces and compact and her favouritelipstick. She does her lips, and with renewed confidence walks off into thesmoke filled sunset….[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]Well, like I said, not my concept, but I made it work justthe same. Just think what I could do with yours?