Storyboarding : 500 pound planet

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  • 500 Pound Planet is a story board I did in a onenight jam with old friends, Josh "Socalled" Dolgin and Jesse Brown [Search Engine] in around late ‘99 I think.

    We did this over pizza and beer one night to helpthem complete their pitch for the grant they received to complete the film. Itwas a loose plot made up on the spot as I drew the pages. I met and got to knowJosh and Jesse through the Montreal Comix Jam’s in the early to mid 90’s.

    Bothdraw themselves but they had left this to the last minute and didn’t want toturn is crap, so they invited me over to help. This was completed in about 12hours, drawn super fast with no penciling really, i was feeling confident that night. Fun way to work when it’s with the right people.
  • And now, watch the movie they made some time later! It'ssuper cool, elements of our original storyboard jam were kept but they reallyfilled it out with some great stuff!