Story of Prophet Nuh Infographic

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  • Story of Prophet Nuh 
    Many hundreds of years passed after Adam, and the earth was filled with his children. As time passed, the children of Adam forgot Allah and started to worship statues made of stones. They became bad and would lie and steal and some became mean and greedy.
    Allah, the most Merciful, sent Nuh to those people to bring them back to His worship. Nuh invited the people to come back to Tawhid. He asked them to give up idol worship and all the other vices which were ruining them. He warned them about the Day of Judgment .
    Nuh tried his best for many years to guide his people to worship Allah but they would not listen. They laughed at him, mocked him, despised him and called him crazy and a liar (26:105; 45:9).
    Nuh lived for 950 years  but during this long period of time only a few people responded to his call. Even his son and wife did not believe in him.
    Nah was tired and shocked to see the stone—heartedness of his people. He became so displeased with the stiffness of their opposition to the truth that he ultimately prayed to Allah, “0 Lord, leave not upon the land any one from the unbelievers.” He cried unto his Lord saying, “I am vanquished, so give help.” (54:10) He also prayed to Allah to rescue him and his followers .