• Story City
  • Story city was a digital interface/ experience I had made as a part of my final diploma project.
    The objective was to help the child of 6-7 utilize various story components in order to create a story line.
    This was developed as a game, that can be utilized in a learning environment, for the child to practise their language and expression skills. 
    The project used the 'agile method' of researching the details of which can be seen here:http://dipshipblog.wordpress.com/
  • Insight utilized: Children utilize objects from their environment in order to make stories naturally.
    The game consisted of a database of visual and written 'helpers', that appear to the child in a randomized order every time the child opens the game. Providing the child a wide variety of cues to pick up story building from. This also involved an interaction of 5 words consisting of verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and adjectives that the child must try to use to build their story.
    These words appear one by one to the child to prevent and information overload.
  • Narrative used
  • The child plays the role of a character who is lost in a magical forest with another friend (competitor).The friend and the character were having a race and still have to finish the race.The character must figure their way out of the forest by making a brave story for themselves. This helps the child move ahead on the map.
  • Character building
  • Stemmed from the requirement of giving the child a better method of relating to the stories he/she builds.
    I had to deisgn and interface to facilitate creativity for the same. The child could take a picture of any object (from their surrounding) and add components to build their character.
    This facilitated in creating 'a profile' for their characters acknowledging the child's input into creating the same.