Story Shack - Illustrations

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  • Illustration for the short story 'Under'
  • Illustration for the short story 'Busking Diaries'
  • Illustration for the short story 'The Night Bus Doesn't Stop Downtown' - in this scene the 'infected' attack the bus.. 
  • Piece for 'When You See God, Keep Your Hands Off His Face' - a story about friendship, war and model rockets.
  • Illustration for 'Moving to the Moon' - the story of a teenager, life and her diary.
  • 'Drive' - The story of a man you're better off not knowing..
  • 'The New Guy' - The fun and dangers of working alongside a robot..
  • Illustration for 'Countdown' - shed a tear as you're fired into space!
  • Illustration for the short story "Smack Head"
    "The telephone in his hotel room rang. He stared at it, did not answer. He’d made the reservation himself; no one knew where he was"
    "I nodded. With his smell, there had to be particles in the air. I didn't want them in my mouth, so I kept it shut. DiCarlo punched me in the nose. Blood spurted everywhere."