Sanpomichi - A Little Oze Stop Motion FIlm

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    Sanpo (n.) A Walk. Michi (n.) A path. 
    STORY – A Path walked regularly, habitually, thoughtfully. It is the story of two women, Hiroko & Yumi living their lives in a Tokyo apartment, as they have done for decades. Yumi is a middle-aged mouse, slightly frenzied in her caring for Hiroko, her mother, a methodical, slightly stubborn mouse.
    Sanpomichi is inspired by Japan and the music of Yuzo Kayama. 
    The story has shades of a functional Grey Gardens, with elements of Richard Scarry and Fantastic Mr. Fox, but it is truly a unique film, that promises to delight in a quiet, lingering way. 
  • Sanpomichi Teaser released on 8/08/2013
    Bad Taste presents A Little Oze film 
    Creator, Director, Animator - Mari Ichimasu
    Producer - Brianna Larson
    Cinematographer, Tech. Director, Post - Brody Davis
    Composer- Tony Fantozzi
    Properies Master - Beau Binek
    Set Design, building - Tony Fantozzi
    Asst. Costume Design - Stephanie Phillips
    Art Dept - Nike Ozaki, Kayla Olson, Jackie Pahutski, Jamie Jester, Anne Julian
    Sound Design / Mix - HEARby
    Mandolin - Brett Thomson
  • Hiroko 
  • Yumi
    Sanpomichi is an indepent animated film by local artists and creators in Seattle WA. We are currently crowd-funding on Kick Starter, ending 9/9/2013.
    Please visit Sanpomichi's website, and if you can help us make this film happen, it will mean more than anything. Thank You!! 
    Official website:
    Official FB page, please "Like" us! 
  • Behind the Scenes Directed by Bad Taste Productions
  • Filming of Hiroko's bedroom scene. 
    We have merch!! 100% of profits go to the production of Sanpomichi.
    Please take a look! they are so cute....  
  • A portrait of Hiroko 8"x 6" High quality prints on satin matt paper. $12 limited issue only 20 peinted. HIroko & Yumi for $20
  • A portraint of Yumi, high quality print on Satin matte paper. 8" x 6",  $12 limited only 20 printed!  Hiroko&Yumi both for $20
  • Sanpomichi postcard illustrated by Mari Ichimasu, $2 /each $7/ five cards 
  • Thank you!! Please support us and stay tuned !
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