Stop Motion Portfolio
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These pages illustrate my work as a stop motion production artist. You will see final compositions and process.
Demo Reel: Stop Motion Art Fabrication
Reel Breakdown
All works fully produced by Casey Follen unless otherwise noted.
1. Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas
    Puppet and Set Fabrication Intern at Screen Novelties
       1A: Assistant scenic sculptor, painter, and set dresser
•       1B: Assistant background puppet fabricator
       1C: Assistant prop painter
•       1D: Assistant set dresser

2. The Fair
     Independent Study Project
3. Pangaea (In Progress)
    Senior Thesis Film
4. Peeps Pitch Diorama
    Stop Motion Intern at Chiodo Bros. Productions
•       Lead papercraft costume designer and fabricator for promotional diorama
5. Windmill Set
    Personal Project
6. Candy Coated
    Personal Project
7. Gaia
    Stop Motion Short Film
8. Street
    Personal Project
9. Moving Pictures
    Projection Mapping Installation/Short Film
•       Responsible for sculpture design and fabrication
•       Animated and edited by Melissa Oakley
Thank you for viewing my portfolio! As you can see, I'm always up something new, so check back soon for new projects and updates.
I am currently producing my senior thesis film and keeping a production blog. Please click HERE to view the blog.
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