Stop Motion Portfolio
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These pages illustrate my work as a stop motion artist. You will find final compositions and process.
Demo Reel: Stop Motion Art Fabrication
Reel Breakdown
All works fully produced by Casey Follen unless otherwise noted.
1. Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas (2014)
      Puppet and Set Fabrication Intern at Screen Novelties
·       1A: Assistant scenic sculptor, painter, and set dresser
·       1B: Assistant background puppet fabricator
·       1C: Assistant prop painter
·       1D: Assistant set dresser   
2. Pangaea (2015)
      In Progress Personal Project
3. The Fair (2014)
      Stop Motion Short Film
4. McDonald’s UK: Roald Dahl (2015)
      Fabrication and Compositing Intern at Hornet Inc.
·       Scenic fabricator and assistant set dresser
5. Candy Coated (2014)
      Personal Project
6. Dell and United Nations: EntrepreneursUNite (2015)
      Fabrication and Compositing Intern at Hornet Inc.
·       6A: Assistant set dresser and junior compositor
·       6B: Paper-craft fabricator
·       6C: Assistant animator and set dresser
7. Windmill (2014)
      Personal Project
8. Panthalassa (In Progress)
      Personal Project
9. Peeps Pitch Diorama (2014)
      Stop Motion Intern at Chiodo Bros. Productions
·       Lead paper-craft costume designer and fabricator for promotional diorama
10. Street (2014)
      Personal Project 
11. Moving Pictures (2014)
      Projection Mapping Installation/Short Film
·       Responsible for sculpture design and fabrication 
·       Animated and edited by Melissa Oakley 
Thank you for viewing my portfolio! As you can see, I'm always up something new, so check back soon for new projects and updates.
I am currently producing my senior thesis film and keeping a production blog. Please click HERE to view the blog.
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