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Art assets an conepts for Stone Age game.
I was the lead (and the only when it goes for assets) artist on this project. I've created concepts for locations, characters; final game assets, comics, icons and even some of animations. You can download Stone Age for free on iTunes.

The plot of the game is really simple. You are the tribe leader who needs to maintain his tribe. You kill wild animals to collect food and you also build your own cave for your wives and other members of the tribe.

The game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Feel free to check my artwork in motion!

©2011-2012 PANDRA.

Stone Age is opened by a short comic. Wife gets a Hero a small apple for dinner instead of a good and juicy piece of meat. He gets angry and goes hunting and comes back with a bag. That's the idea-)

All assets, cover and comic are done in Adobe Illustrator.

The Hunt takes places on three different locations. Lava terrain is definitely the most difficult one!
And here's a Hero's cave. Wives and other villagers live here. Each one has an unique apartment (with animated details).
I also created some animations for the Stone Age: animations of hero, pets in the village, obstacles and some monsters.
Run, Lola, run!
Hit'em hard!
The Hero went through several stages of drastic changes from super-cartoonish stickman to an ancient cutie (everyone in company still think that he kills enemies with his cuteness, not with a club).
We experimented with different views and stopped by a classic top view arcade one (depicted on the right iPhone).
After we've decided on main gameplay features, we moved to the "village" part. Here are the inhabitants of Hero's cave who can be invited in. They give a player all kind of bonuses: extra health points, super weapon etc.