Stoll/Apparel Fabrics

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    A collection of fabrics inspired by the human anatomy's integration of different functions allowing the body to survive in all different environments. In addition, it is inspired by the beach because the beach is where two opposing world (land and sea) meet and it is this tension pushing of pulling that creates a balance.
  • A reflective fabric that at first looks ordinary but when light catches it, the encased reflective yarn comes alive
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  • Three different fabrics exploring the ideas of breathability through variability of the knit, whether by tension, material, or structure.
    Materials used: metal wrapped yarn, superfine merino wool, monofilament, viscose rayon
  • A fabric exploring the idea of structure within comfort and vice versa via exploration of materials and structure.
    Materials: metal wrapped yarn and superfine merino wool
  • A fabric exploring breathability and comfort by manipulating structures while incorporation the exploration of unconventional materials for apparel fabrics.
    Materials used: viscose, monofilament
    Below is the fabric in a garment- acting like a skin: lightweight, comfortable, and breathable
  • Prototype of garment