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Campaign material for the 2013 Stockholm Pride including visual concept and manner, logotype, colour scheme, and posters.
Stockholm Pride 2013
For the 2013 Stockholm Pride I had the honour to develop the base for the campaign material including the visual concept and manner, the logotype, the colour scheme, and the posters. Together with the talented and pleasant guys at Flatmate Web Agency, who also were responsible for the web campaign, and Yay! Brand and Design Agency, we worked through the material along the core values ‘family’, ‘embracing’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘dazzling’ to achieve a modern adaption of the hippie culture.
The main poster honours, and is an updated and playful homage to, The Beatles classic album cover for their 1967 release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. All poster parts are all the way through handmade, man-made and are carried out through hands-on work. No shortcuts, no botchiness, no wangling.
For the campaign’s head typeface we used a specially adapted version of my Sammelsurium font, customized and tailored for the purpose. The typeface is handmade and then specially worked out in detail for this particular use.
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This year’s theme is the family. Families can be based on biological ties, on love and on friendship. We can call them star families, nuclear families and rainbow families. There are the families we choose and those where we just happen to find ourselves. The hub of the family is our relationships to each other. With this year’s theme, we want to highlight the different ways a family might be and talk about how a family can work. The family can be seen as a flock, a community and as a stable fixed point. A family might not only consist of our emotional ties, but also of economic and practical considerations.
We want to shift the focus from the traditional image of the nuclear family to what the various families in our society today actually look like. We want us to dare to talk about the situation within the family, about how love is not always enough to keep us together. We want to talk about the opportunities for creating new families and reflect on what is considered to be a family. Since all families are different – can we use the nuclear family as a concept today and if so, what does it mean?