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My favorite still lives from various years, some have been exhibited.
Examining the life of objects
A few stills from various years.
The Life of Objects, Oil on Canvas. 28" x 20"
The Life of Objects, Detail.  Oil on Canvas.  28" x 20"
Untitled Still, Oil on Canvas. 14" x 14"
Untitled Still, detail. Oil on Canvas. 14" x 14"
'A Study of White', Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36"
'A Study of White', detail.  Oil on Canvas.  24" x 36"
'Discovery' , Oil on Canvas, 28" x 24"
'Discovery', detail. Oil on Canvas. 28" x 24"
Still Life 3, Oil Pastel on Paper. 11.5" x 8.5"
The Couch, Oil Pastel on Paper. 11" x 14"
Still Life 2, Watercolour. 21" x 20"
Still Life, Watercolour. 17" x 12.5"