• Stills
  • STILLS presents 27 digital record covers for 27 individual songs from forthcoming albums by Givan Lötz.

  • a promise strips the
    carcass clean

    with secrets bright our
    lips are sealed
  • test me
    I am ready
    to be heard
    to be dealt with
  • What will we do
    With your trust in equations?

    What we will we do
    With your trust in a saviour?
  • kick your heels off
    before you break my face
  • how can you try and save me
    when you are a loser?
  • you used to know 
    all the words 
    to every song
  • you will get your
  • ripe red roses
    come apart beneath
    our well-read noses
  • here the horses have no namesonly colourscolours of flames
  • the end arrives
    just in time

    for us to sigh
    our last goodbye
  • endless
  • the ones you found so special
  •  it's never in the numbersit's never in the spells
  • one of us here won't stay
    when the spell falls away
  • how I wish I was blind
    I can wear sunshades all the time
  • without our snoring, snarling lungs
    we'd never have to hum along
  •  up yours
  • no bodies
    not yet

    plastic covers
    keep out regrets
  • dear galaxy
    you make mistakes
  • all my friends are dead
  • you're silly