Still lovin' it? Ethical Design

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  • In my project I wanted to raise the issue of replacing healthy, home-food with fast-food and its relationship with the drastic increase of children obesity over the years. My research was based on the ingredients of McDonald’s products, and how some of them can affect human body if consumed frequently. The main goal is to encourage parents to check what they and their children eat, as well as to create a good eating habits. 
    As I already mentioned, my primary audience are parents as it is often their choice of where they take their family for a meal; and children who are in the greatest danger of becoming obese. Most of the McDonald’s adverts are aimed at children who are also tempted by free toys given with each Happy Meal. 
    Within my design I used the detournement technique to point out some of the main consequences of eating fast-food in a way which is easily understandable by parents and their children. To connect with my audience I have focused on products which are usually included within a Happy Meal - a cheeseburger, small fries, small drink and a toy. The idea behind my toy-design was to raise children awareness of the consequences of ‘fast-food dining’. I have decided to design a memory card game so children can, in an easy way, learn how such food affects their health.