Stiga Ping Pong

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  • Assignment:
    Create the packaging for a new line of products for an already existing sports manufacturer.
    A special thanks to these amazing people:
    Wan Hur - Photography
    Philip Brunberg - Copy
  • Background:
    t may be hard to believe, but table tennis – or Ping-Pong – is the worlds second largest participant sport right after soccer. While it is a major competitive sport in Asia and some parts of Europe, it is mostly a recreational sport in the rest of the world. 
    Ever since the sport started to gain popularity in the western parts of the world in the early 70s, STIGA has been one of the, if not the biggest manufacturer of gear, both for the professional and hobby market.

    However, while they have managed to maintain a professional and updated design for their pro line, the recreational gear has been conservative in look and appearance for years and is now looking completely out of date if they want to sell to their biggest audience: kids, college students and young adults. Luckily for STIGA, their competitors looks just as out of date, but it is now a question of time before a smaller and more daring brand becomes the preferable choice for the new generation of Ping-Pong players.

    What I wanted to create was a more appealing packaging for the younger target audience. I wanted to emphasize the playfulness of the sport with bright colors, bold typography and a playfull tone of voice, whilst remaining a “less is more” and modern overall visual look.