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  • We wanted for a long time to make our own set of stickers. It is not very interesting to simply print our logo, and we wanted to create something unique and sharp. 
    We decided to mix different styles, cultures and symbolism with design reality. Chiromancy, masons, tattoos, Buddhism, Celts and illuminati are a partial list of characters used by us. 
    Finally, we got the excellent stickers with a transparent background and contour cutoff. 
    We buried ourselves so deep that every time we have to explain the meaning of each image. We paid so much attention to details that each sticker should be viewed under a microscope. 

    Brandberry team
    Creative director: Valera Namazov
    Consultants: Pavel Maksimov, Natasha Nikulina
    Illustrators: Seva Vyvodtsev, Julia Panfilova
  • A hand of a martyr penetrated with a pencil. 
  • A designer’s client. Money, status and eyes closed. Keep calm and make the logo bigger.
  • Two triangles with symbols of the designer’s tools. 
  • A bird caught into the briar patch in the shape of the letter “B” (Brandberry).
  • The Holy Grail as a cocktail symbolized the work completed.
  • Hourglass of deadline with a very wide neck. 
  • Shortcuts and tools: design chiromancy.
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