Sterling Hundley's "Sleeping Prophet" LE (125) Giclee

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  • Sterling Hundley's award winning illustration, Sleeping Prophet (Edgar Cayce) , Limited (125) Edition Heritage Giclee on Photosmooth paper $125
    (*2 remaining Advance Orders discounted at $100)

    The original Sleeping Prophet (Edgar Cayce) illustration was commissioned by Virginia Living Magazine and is being beautifully reproduced as a Limited (125) Edition Heritage Giclee on Photosmooth paper- signed, numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity from the printer.

    Awarded a Gold medal by the Society of Illustrators New York in the Editorial category, the highest honor for an individual work in our industry, the original artwork hung in the New York office of my agent for some time. Regretfully, on March 16th of 2008, a crane from an adjacent skyscraper fell on the small townhouse that served as my agent's office. Of the many greater atrocities of that event, including the loss of four lives, many original paintings by some of the most renowned illustrators of the modern era were destroyed. Amongst them was "Sleeping Prophet".