• "The Ice Queen" step by step
  • Here are some common steps of how I work when I paint.
    Enjoy! :)
    1. First rough sketch.
    2. Rough color sketch
    3. Each part gets blocked in with solid colors.
    4. Time to paint! Fleshing it all out.
    5. Painting some more. I start adding light & smaller details.
    6. Finished!

  • "Did he just watch me poop?" Step by Step
  • 1. Rough sketch/linedrawing
    2. Blocked in a simple shape with the lasso tool + blocking in colours
    3. I add ze light! On a separate layer.
    4. I start fleshing everything out.
    5. I turn off the light-layer and start refining "everything underneath"
    6. More refining, trying to balance everything out. And it's done!
  • "Palomino" step by step

  • 1. Rough thumb sketch
    2. Refined thumb
    3. Linedrawing
    4. Color & layer block in.
    5. Time to paint!
    6. More painting
    7. Adding details, and finalizing the mane and tail
    8. Finished! :)
  • Quick timelapse showing how I sketch.
  • Timelapse of an older painting that demonstrates how I paint.
    Thank you for looking, hope you found these helpful! :)