Stephanie & James Wagner

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  • Stephanie & James Wagner
    Monogram Design, Wedding Print Package
  • The Wagners wanted a complete package with a custom monogram for their special day. There was a black and white theme for the wedding and the package had to reflect that. Additionally, Stephanie really likes butterflies (and even has a great tattoo dedicated to them) so of course, these pretty creatures needed showcasing.
    The package included the custom monogram, invitations, programs, RSVP cards, table number cards, place setting name cards and thank you cards.  Donkey Ink Design also oversaw the printing of this package.
  • J&S Monogram¬† |¬† Monogram Projected on the Vancouver Club Dancefloor
  • The program. The five circles denoted the area on which gems were affixed. The image on the left is an enlarged front view of the folded program, the images on the right represent the unfolded inner (bottom) and outer panels (top).