Stencil for my bedroom

  • 1931
  • 235
  • 30
  • Stencil
    A big stencil for my bedroom
    Spare time 2 days and a wall 3,20m width!!!
  • The only tools and my assistant spiderman sock!
  • 1st Mask
  • After 6 hours of masking the background city...
  • The first paint (2 hands of acrylic paint, Benjamin Moore)
  • The first unmask!
  • Starting the 2nd mask of the foreground city

    Really caustic judge & without Spiderman outfit!... (my oldest son, Andreas)
  • Foreground city after 2 of hands acrylic paint, Benjamin Moore
  • Completed, with 3 hands the foreground city and the finally touch was...