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Three alternate logo designs for the subculture of Steampunk.
The most recent project in one of my studio classes at Uni involved choosing a subculture to create 3 alternate logo designs for. Each logo had the task of embodying the core personality of the chosen theme whilst also acting as an identity for the subculture. The three solutions are as follows: 

1. Pictogram Logo
2. Photo image Logo
3. Logotype 

To begin, I created a mood board to showcase exactly what Steampunk is through colour, environments, people, fashion, gadgets and typography. Essentially, Steampunk references the Victorian era of vintage class in regards to fashion and values with a modern eccentric twist. The subculture is well known for its huge fascination with anything manmade, with a large focus on intricate machinery and steam trains. 

Below is my build up to each final logo design solution. Enjoy! 
Mood board I collated to give an overall sense of what Steampunk is and what it stands for. 

Beginning components to create the pictogram solution. 
Progress after adding more vector machinery and working with gradients and shadowing to begin creating depth and a rustic appearance. 
Final Pictogram Logo Design 
The requirement for the photoimage design was that we sourced photographs from the internet and manipulated and combined these images to created our logo rather than shooting our own images due to time restraints. Above are the images I used to create my photo image logo design. 
This is the first solution I came up with. I love the design, although as my peers pointed out, the sense of balance and limited intricacy doesn't stay as true to Steampunk as I would like. So I brought in a few more elements to bring this logo up to the standard and style of the other two. 
This is my final photo image logo design. 

This is the original typeface and gradient I began working with. 
Photoshop grunge texture brush applied to give a rustic appearance. 
Using vector shapes I created, I started putting machinery components over the letterforms. 
Final letterforms. 
After adding the final fashion elements I rearranged the composition to take emphasis off the straight baseline. 
Final composition.
Slightly adjusted final (extended N stroke and tilt on the S). Added brightness. 

Final Logotype design.