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A collaborate effort between photographer York Hovest and illustrator Christoph Ruprecht.
Stay open...
York Hovest x Christoph Ruprecht 
for Munich Magazine
"Stay Open" is a collaborative project between York Hovest and myself. I met York this year during a photo production where I was doing the art direction and we decided to do keep in touch and eventually find a way to do a free project together.
What you find below are the results of bringing together York's photography with my illustration work. The final series itself differs a lot from the work I usually do but I am quite happy with the result. Below you will also find a case study where you can see how it all started. In the end York pushed me to do something different, something raw and more organic, something chaotic, yet in its own sense very graphical and well composed.
The challenge here was to preserve the intital mood of the images, so the photos themselves were barely touched and illustrative elements carefully applied to find just the right balance.
Photography by © York Hovest (
Art by © Christoph Ruprecht (
Music & Lyrics by © Rhye
I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs
I’m a fool for that sound in your sighs
I’m a fool for your barely
I’m a fool for your
I want to make this play oh I know your faded
Hmmm but stay don’t close your hands
I want to make this play oh I know your faded
Hmmm but stay don’t close your hands
Caught in this pool held in your eyes
Caught like a fool without a line
We’re in a natural spring
With this gently sting between us
The Case Study
As an art director I usually find it incredibly challenging to find myself in front of a blank canvas / raw photo, because there are a million ways to approach it and at least 10 really good ones. And when you do a series you have to choose one, in the end. Below are a couple of tests I made to share with York as we were beginning the collaboration. As these things somethimes go, York picked exactly the piece which I almost did not include in my first picks because I figured he may be somewhat offended by a 5 year old with no drawings skills whatsoever smearing a couple of wild lines on his photography.
Starting Point:
Order & Chaos, luxury & dadaism
Earlier approaches / Finding a Style:
Alternates of the final works as shown in the beginning:
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Christoph Ruprecht:

York Hovest: