• Our task was to create a campaign for Statkraft in order to recruit new employes, both those recently graduated and those aiming for a job change. 
    With our slogan "Opportunities are here" / "Mulighetene er her" and powerful images we aim for those who are able to see opportunities in nature and renewable energy.
    Our campaign focused on a strong slogan combined with powerful images to show what resources nature has to offer. 
    Campaign in use from 2012
    Creative team: Eva Wiken, Martine Bongard, Anne Lillebø Gjerstad, Iver Ottesen & Silje Nyløkken
    Animation created by: Krypton Film
  • An interactive stand where the App can be used to scan the image and reveal the opportunities in nature. 
    Boxes were made to be used as small tables and chairs around the area, created to be taken apart and shipped. 
  • Click for more information about the app and stand
  • The boxes also featured the mathmatical formulas needed to calculate the energy in the water. 
  • Brochure with information about Internships and Summer Projects at Statkraft
  • Ads are posted in magazines and education material
  • Animations created to be used in application and web ads
    Animations by: Krypton Film
    Animations created to be used in application and web ads
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