Slovenian Insurance Association's annual report

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  • Statistical Insurance Bulletin 2012
    Annual report on the occasion of the 20th anniversary
    of Slovenian Insurance Association
  • 20th anniversary is the leading theme of this year's annual report of the Slovenian Insurance Association. Statistical information is accompanied by photographs depicting number 20 as a barely visible component of our everyday life, like a symbol for carefree feeling that a good insurance can give us; we pay no attention to it but it is there – at home, at work, on the road... anytime, anywhere.

  • Designed by Matjaž Čuk.
    Photographs by Katra Petriček.
    Produced by Pegaz International.
    Client: Slovenian Insurance Association.

  • The content is clearly structured. Enlarged headlines allow for quick navigation through pages. Running text in bold is in contrast to statistical information printed in light.
  • Bar charts have items arranged by size so the reader can quickly find the most important information. Values are clearly distinguished from titles which allows for easier comparisons.
  • Statistical information in consistently presented in tables. Tiny details, such as arrows and rules of different weights, are there to quicken the navigation through the data.