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logo and website design for a local stationery store
The task was to create a simple and recognizable logotype, although the client had given no specific guidelines or preferred style, leaving those to the discretion of the designer. Also the client whether the brand should look "modern" or rather "classic", therefore many different versions were introduced.
My first urge was to create something modern, stylish and catchy; pondering upon different ideas I noticed how latin "P" (the first letter of the brand's name) can be twisted a little to make it look like a paper clip, representing the stationery supplies the client sells. With that concept in mind I developed the first versions of the logo. Remembering that the client could also like a more classical "vintage" logotype, a few versions, featuring Garamond lettering, a fountain pen tip and calligraphy shapes, were made.
Here are the shortlisted versions which were introduced to the client.
suggested versions
approved version
a final touch
After the final version of the logo was approved I started working on the website design. It had to look modern and at the same time reflect the classical deluxe feel the logo conveys. The ui uses leather and paper textures and is stylised to resemble notepads, wallets, books, etc, to remind the user what he/she is shopping for at the website :) . Most of the icons used are taken from a very nice freebie you can find here.
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