State of the Union

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  • Mark and Erica Raggett // Wedding Invitation Package // Print
    Create a memorable and cost-effective wedding invitation package for two dear friends which well-represented their personalities and their cross-continental relationship. Mark hails from England, Erica from California, and each found their way to Texas—to the state of the union.
    ACTION //
    Erica’s love for quilts and the role of picnics in their engagement story were great inspiration for the use of color and pattern in this package. We layered the invitation information like a matchbook, used a combination of laser and gocco printing, and got the entire bridal party involved in the hand assembly and grommetting of the pieces. They also did a great job of carrying the theme into their place cards, favors, and tablescapes.

    CLIENT / Mark and Erica Raggett
    DESIGNER / Michelle Coffey
    GOCCO ASSISTANCE / Sara Kilsby
    WEDDING PHOTOS / David Bley