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    Find someone you have never worked 
    with before. 

    This is a poster I made for my project, 

    Start a project together and learn new 
    skills from one another.

    Ryan Len is a fellow designer and a good 
    friend of mine.The design issue, he attempts
    to tackle is to encourage more collaborations
    in the design industry.
    As for myself, I seldom work with others and 
    prefer working on my own as I am able to 
    control and set my own standards for the
    project I am working on. 
    In a way, it was out of my comfort zone 
    because I worry if my collaborator has 
    some high expectations towards my design
    skills. I also worry I am not good enough to
    collaborate with Ryan.
    As the collaboration progresses, we start to
    learn more things about each other. The way 
    we both work are different, we are both strong
    in different areas and yet it is interesting to see
    what two people moving towards a same goal
    can achieve.
    Although, there were parts that we did not do
    very well but when I looked at the overall, 
    I felt amazed that someone like myself could
    produce a work this intricate.
    In this experiment, I put my drafting skills from
    fashion to good use to create 3-Dimensional
    objects and Ryan meticulously used his crafting
    experience to put things together.
  • Cheers to a great collaboration!
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