• The Ask
    In the spring of 2013, Starbucks wanted to encourage lapsed customers to return who may have drifted away from the chain with four offers exclusive to Starbucks. The thread that tied it all together had to revolve around the Macchiato, a signature drink that no other coffee chain can claim. More than a hard sell to the offers, the piece had to work hard to also had to convey the process and journey of the Macchiato, and by extension the Starbucks approach to espresso beverages.
    The Answer
    A 5x7" card with a 5x5" front flap to "tease" the Macchiato is the first thing the customer sees. As they open it up, the four wallet-card-sized coupons come unfolding out as the Macchiato story is told through imagery and copy. The back, following DM best practices, highlights the offers once again alongside complementary "story" photography.
    Creative Team
    Executive Creative Director: Scott Pinkney
    Creative Director: Rene Rouleau
    Copywriter: Owen Millburn
    Art Director: Stuart Thursby