Marketing & Ad Design

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  • Marketing and Ad Design
    Custom Social Networking Pages, Email Marketing Design, and Advertising Design
  • Full page (landscape orientation) magazine ad.
  • Full-page magazine ads
  • Advertisement/Company Info Page for Swiss Chamber of Commerce, China.
  • Star Prototype needed to expand their branding to their social networking sites. Created custom Facebook business page with embedded video and functioning contact form to quickly capture sales leads.

    In addition, they decided to begin email marketing campaigns but needed guidance on how to effectively market via email. Set up email marketing software and created branded HTML templates for their campaigns that could be easily edited within their email marketing software.

    Star Prototype also required some new web banner ads and full page magazine ads for print. Created several variations for web and a full page magazine ad.
  • Alternate custom YouTube channel design
  • Custom Email Marketing Newsletter Template for Use with Mailchimp
  • Custom Facebook Page Design with Embedded Video and Functioning Contact Form
  • Final custom YouTube channel design chosen by Star Prototype
  • Banner ads for web advertising