Stanford Hospital & Clinics - Guest Services
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Enhancing the Patient Experience through Clear Communications
In parallel with brandadvisors’ work on the Stanford Hospital & Clinics’ (SHC) Executive Health Program, we helped the Guest Services team identify a need for a new strategic foundation and creative look & feel to better reflect their commitment to serving the non-medical needs of its patients.

Guest Services considers every patient, familymember, or friend, a guest at SHC, and works to makesure their stay, whether medical or supportive, is as pleasant as possible. After careful review of each of SHC’s non-medical offerings, and severalopportunities to witness the truly remarkable commitment of SHC administration and staff to its visitors and patients, brandadvisors set out to position the team behind a theme of “focused on you.”

By communicating Guest Services’ offering as “personal assistance, support, and resources before, during, and after your visit,” brandadvisors effectively captured the full, and indeed, infinite, range of the team’s offering, which can span from massage services and art therapy, to volunteer opportunities, and patient support groups.

In order to effectively describe the team’s myriad offerings, brandadvisors developed a system designed to unite the resources under a single look & feel. We also identified key graphic elements that would continually enable guests to seek support and resources throughout their interactions with SHC.

With the launch of a parallel internal-focused campaign, brandadvisors also leveraged its work to provide the institution with opportunities to honor and celebrate the commitment and dedication of its employees and volunteers.