St. Mary's Menston Food Technology 2012-13 Posters

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  • To celebrate St. Mary's Menston Year 11 pupils' work and maintain the profile of Food Technology around school two different posters were created.
    The posters designed in Adobe Photoshop and printed in A1 size by Quarmby Colour in Leeds. The print finish was matte.

    The photographs were taken by the teacher of pupils' work during the last year of their 3 year GCSE course. One of the posters designs shows many different dishes.

    A bright orange typeface was chosen to complement the strong yellow shades in the portrait. The School crest and logotype were recoloured to match using Illustrator so it remained a vector, as were the 'Values, Care, Achievement' arrows.

    The posters have been framed and displayed outside the food classroom and hopefully, outside the staffroom it will be placed alongside similair posters for other creative subjects: Art and Design, Product Design and Textiles.
    The project was deemed a success. I was particularly pleased as every pupil in the class has at least one dish on the poster.