Squared Surf Boards

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  • Squared surf boards are designed and built by owner Casey Mullen.  His goal is to provide high quality boards made from natural renewable resources.  Casey prefers using Northern White Cedar and White Oak.  The wood species are glued together forming a hollow, light weight, and strong surf board. There is no gas plug in the deck because the wood breathes as the internal air expands and contracts. By using wood rather than synthetic materials Squared seeks to offer a board that provides greater ding resistance and flexion properties, both of which will result in a longer lasting board. Each surf board is custom built to match the riders vision of the perfect board.  The length, profile, volume, rail and bottom shapes, as well as skeg options are all up to the individual rider.

    Casey is New Hampshire based and rides throughout the new england area. He is currently offering free demos for anyone interested in surfing wood.  Hit him up on facebook to connect.
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