• Spyn is an innovative office furniture program. Flexible and distinctive to meet the contemporary types of working. The elegant modular system is constructed from a minimum set of different parts. The leg can be changed to a pedestal for integrating support and storage functionality. Complementary cupboards and a modular open rack system are offered in the program to plan any basic office situation.
    Spyn's light and clean appearance can be customized by a range of materials and finishes. 

    The Slovenian furniture producer Gonzaga asked Praktijk voor Industrieel Ontwerp to design and develop a new program for their office furniture business. The aim of the new program was primarily to address the needs of the contemporary types of working in the office. Secondary to expand their markets in new parts of Europe. 

    After an extensive internal and external research conducted by Praktijk voor Industrieel Ontwerp, the strategy was set in a project blueprint. Several prototypes tested by end users was the result of the design and development phase. Engineering for production was taken care of by us and resulted succesfully introduced and produced office furniture program.

    For more information about the product, prices and conditions, please contact Gonzaga-Pro d.o.o.