Spring school of cardboard design "Complete Cardboard"

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  • We are pleased to announce the starting of spring enrollment to the school of cardboard design "Complete Cardboard" on the base of workshop "Made in Cardboardia" (madein.cardboardia.info).

    We suggest more intensive course of training “Exchange of experience” for participants from another towns and countries. Full immersion into cardboard for two weeks (from 12 days). You will have a possibility of realisation project with our designers. Applications for intensive course are accepted on the basis of contest from persons who will be especially liked by Tyran of Cardboardia (cardboardia.info). We are open for  participants from all over the world and have very enjoyable experience of working with peple from another countries and towns!
    Write on madeincardboardia@gmail.com and we will find a way how you can join us.

    Since March 2013 we have the two new options:

    1) "Specially for illustrators" - we offer artists to join us to learn together, to create beautiful cardboard volumesand flat compositions. We provide additional place for temporary training specially for illustrators.

    2) "Weekend Training" - we offer a new opportunity for those who have possibility to come to the workshop only on weekends. During the whole month, you will do individual and collective creative tasks, learn to think and express in cardboard short stories (only 10 slides) that you will present at the end of course. The program intended for everyone. You doesn't need to be an artist, or work with cardboard, the main are desire to learn and an interest in world around.
    Here is the work of the first course of "Weekend Training". Project "Indifference".
    Created by Olga Panaetova & Ekaterina Leshina
    Photo by Liza Azarova
  • "Often people doesn't notice anything around, immersed in their's own thoughts, problems and worries. They doesn't care the outside world, they doesn't care about other people. But one day, with one of them happens that will knock him out of the rut. He suddenly realizes that the world around is beautiful and he wants to convey this feeling to others. So it starts the chain reaction."